Herb Salt

Herb Salt


This Herb Salt started as a Turkey Brine but is multi purpose and also serves as a great salt. A full flavored multipurpose salt!

For cooks in the know-brining is so important for the juiciest turkey.  Our Herb Salt is all-natural, contain no MSG and is gluten free.  It is best when used on a fresh turkey that is unprocessed.  If your bird is frozen it may be injected with saline water so cut back on the amount of brine in that case.  Contains enough to brine a 20 lb. plus turkey.

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Herb Salt Turkey Brining

Dry Brining

Rinse your bird both inside and out. Pat herb salt all over the top of the turkey.  Refrigerate uncovered, for a crispy skin, 36-24 hrs. Ahead. Brush off the “Herb Salt” and add herb butter under the skin of the turkey. You can inject your turkey at this time if that is part of your turkey prep.  Cook your turkey the way you like!

Our turkey was not only beautiful but more importantly it was delicious.

Dry brining is a great way to enhance your bird’s flavor.  Unlike wet brining you do not have to submerge in water in a large container when refrigerating, so this is a great alternative when low on fridge space.


Wet brine

1. Add ½ cup “Herb Salt” and ½ cup of brown sugar to one gallon of water per 10 -12 lbs. Of turkey and bring to a boil for 5 minutes. 

2. Cool to room temp, and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled. 

3. Place the turkey in a large non-reactive container (large plastic bucket) and add liquid brine mixture.   If necessary, add additional cold water so the entire turkey is submerged in the solution.  

4. Refrigerate overnight.   

5. Remove turkey and discard brine.  

6. Rinse turkey and pat turkey dry. 

5. Season turkey and grill or roast to desired doneness.   


Herb Butter

1 stick of softened butter mixed with 1 tablespoon of “A Bit of Tuscany” and mix until well blended.