Fresco French Toast

Nothing is sweeter than breakfast in bed served by your sweetie.  This Valentine's Day, or really any day for that matter, surprise your loved one with this delicious french toast in bed.


In a bowl whisk eggs, then add milk, honey and Fresco Vanilla Apple Pie spice blend.  Pour your mixture into a pie pan making it easier to dip your bread evenly.  Dip each slice of bread in the mixture allowing it to soak for 20-25 seconds on each side.  After dipped lay the bread out on a baking sheet.

Warm a skillet or griddle on medium heat.  Add a tablespoon of butter and allow it to melt.  Once melted place your bread into the pan and brown for five minutes on each side.  If you are using a particularly thick bread you may want to cover your pan to ensure the inside gets done.

Serve immediately while still warm topped with syrup, fruit, whipped cream, Nutella or powdered sugar.


We served ours with a mixture of berries that we tossed together with a little maple syrup then dusted it with powdered sugar.

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