Fresco Hobo Packets

Here is another shared recipe from a Fresco customer.  Thanks Brenda Lamb for such a great idea.  This recipe is so easy.  You simply choose your vegetables, proteins and Fresco Spice Blends, combine it all in a foil packet, bake and ENJOY.

Brenda makes her's with Beats, Squash, Peppers, Chicken & Fresco Lemon Pepper

To make your own hobo packet start with a large square piece of foil.  Pile your veggies in the center and drizzle with a little oil.  Sprinkle veggies with Fresco Spice Blend of choice.  Next, layer on your protein and again season with Fresco Spice Blend.  It is important you seal the edges well so the steam remains trapped in the packet, cooking the food.  Bake at 350 degrees, or grill, for 35-45 minutes or until cooked through.

Here are a few other combinations that we think would be delicious made in the same way:

The possibilities are endless!

If you have a delicious recipe using one of our blends that you would like to share we would be happy to send you a free small blend in return.  Contact us for more details.